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Dash-ed at the last!

Hi and welcome to our first X wing battle report. We hope to bring you many more of these as and when they happen. This particular battle was between Rebels (Matt) vs Imperials (Adam), both running a 100pts list. Our … Continue reading

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What’s on the table this week?

Hi all It’s a busy Thursday club night for the IGC at Nexus. This week we have Munchkin, Warmachine and X Wing. Wally of the week-Mike B for spoiling the photos!

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Unboxing Patrol Angis

Hi guys,  it’s Adam here and today I’m going to be unboxing the Patrol Angis starter set. In case you were wondering, Patrol Angis is a new 15mm sci-fi skirmish wargame created by the cool people at http://www.theionage.com. I first … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Insane Gentlemen’s Club

This site is now the home of the IGC – Bridgwater’s best wargaming group.

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