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I am Volk

Volk Thornwood – Titan Mauler Volk is a human barbarian, in his late twenties. Muscular in build standing at 6’1 tall with blonde hair and blue within blue eyes. Volk has a distinctive scar crossing his right eye the wound left … Continue reading

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What is a Role-Playing Game?

Most gamers nowadays are familiar with the term RPG, primarily through popular games like World of Warcraft.  Funny enough though, to my mind WoW isn’t really a RPG.  So, what is a role-playing game, really? The quick answer?  The nerdiest … Continue reading

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The Axis Go Urban

Hi all Today I’m going to show you how I do the basic urban camo on my axis walkers. I’m going to demonstrate it on the Jagdluther.   I started by taking taking some masking tape and cutting different size … Continue reading

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