Legion of Four – Introduction: A Plan Set in Motion


legion of 42

A Legion of Four

The trials and tribulations of the Horus Heresy have always been as interesting tale steeped in history, tradition and technological wonder, with mankind grasping at the stars, propelled by a new age of enlightenment brought about by the Great Crusade. So when Games Workshop released the new Calth boxed set and plastic Heresy era marines became available, we did what every fervent 30k fan did – we splashed the cash.

Like most gamers (or is that collectors?) of a certain age, we regularly find ourselves with more miniatures than time to build, paint and play and so we turned to our back issues of the classic White Dwarf magazine for inspiration on forging the narrative and keeping ourselves motivated over Christmas and the New Year, a period where many a man/woman/snotling has pledged their soul to dieting and taking trips to the training cages. Unlike these poor souls forever destined to give in to the whispers of the Prince of Pleasure (or the chocolate king as he is also known), we have sworn our oaths of moment towards a much higher achievement – that of recruiting our own forces for the Legiones Astartes.

What’s this all about then?

Well like any traditional tale of four gamers log this one will come equipped with painting guides, army list discussions, tactical talk and battle reports.  Starting in January we will reveal our initial paint schemes with each participant delivering a fully furnished marine for your inspection and amusement alongside an outline of how they expect to proceed.

Then from February onward we will be aiming to display a fully painted unit or two to add to our forces each month.  February will also include our first battle report featuring skirmishes between our fledgling Space Marine companies. Our current goal is to continue until our armies are roughly 2000 points in size as we believe this will give us the best balance of forces without us having to auction off kidneys to fund our habits. It’s also the perfect size for getting a game in at our club (based in the Admirals Landing in Bridgwater) on a Thursday evening.


Insane Gentlemen’s Club

Who is participating?

In true Insane Gentlemen’s Club tradition we four will be taking up the mantle of Captains of our respective Legions.

Adam – XVIII Legion – Salamanders (loyalists)

Adrian – XII Legion – World Eaters (traitors)

Charlie – III Legion – Emperor’s Children (traitors)

Mike – XVII Legion – Word Bearers (traitors)


Being outnumbered simply means I require more firepower…

Next Time – Month 1: The Seeds of Heresy

Legion paint schemes and fighting talk

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