I am Volk

Volk Thornwood – Titan Mauler

Volk is a human barbarian, in his late twenties. Muscular in build standing at 6’1 tall with blonde hair and blue within blue eyes. Volk has a distinctive scar crossing his right eye the wound left from a lycan claw in Volk’s early teens.

Volk’s family are a mystery to him. He was found wrapped in a black jacket hidden in a snow covered thorn wood. Volk was then raised by his rescuers, the Ravagers, a mercenary band of warriors specializing in big game hunting.

Volk was taken under the wing of their leader and used or abused from an early age, earning his way from the time he could walk as big game bait. As the years past Volk grew gaining skills at the forge making weapons and armour to keep the ravagers supplied. In battle he soon learned to master the converted seige weapons used to bring down the mercenaries unusually large targets.

As his size and strength increased Volk began to lead the charge favoring  a great axe to smash and maul the large prey with giants, golem and dragons being his bands prize.

Volk has traveled extensively throughout the lands with the ravagers seeking bigger game and bigger rewards. Spending most of his gains on weapons, armour, drink and women. He cares little for material wealth or fine trinkets seeing them as a distraction from his goal of personal martial improvement. To be the greatest and to single handedly bring down the biggest beasts. For songs to be sung in the halls of heroes of the tales of Volk the Titan Mauler.

A result of Volk’s colourful upbringing as a life with mercenaries,is  his disregard for authority which has seen him arrested by the local watch for bar brawling and other misdemeanors of disorderly conduct. Even so Volk is generally a good man, doing what he thinks is right, protecting the weak and needing.

After the death of the ravagers leader and Volk’s mentor at the hands of a Rock Golem, Volk left the ravagers to find a new path spending a small time in a local militia. His time spent with the militia consisted of times of intense boredom mixed with short spells of action. He seeks a more adventurous existence, that will push him physically and mentally to fulfill his goal. The life of an adventurer.




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