Solid Ground Studios – Guildball Terrain – Tutorial Part 2

I  didn’t intend for there to be such a big gap between parts 1 and 2, but its been a really exciting and busy time for the IGC. We’ve run our first tournament, which was a great success. We got to meet loads of new like minded people and had a great day. Secondly we’ve moved location to the Admirals Landing in Bridgwater. Highly recommend the admirals burger there.

Ok moving on to why we are here. Part 2.


So here’s our wood planks, which will become a slippery surface. But it’s looking to clean.


The piece was sealed with satin varnish and an oil wash is applied to the surface of the wooden planks. An oil wash is made by taking a small amount of oil paint and diluting it with mineral spirits to form a wash. Once this was dry I used a soft cotton cloth (old but clean pants) to gently rub the heavy wash off to create gradients of the shadow. It’s a nice effect when worked with. This was then allowed to dry for a few hours before the next stage.


Ak interactive dark slime was applied to the areas where water and dampness would settle. I then took a flat brush moistened with some mineral spirits and blended out the green, similar as if you were using a streaking effect.

  • image

The same method was repeated with the light green slime, just pulling the light green further away from the source.


Now to add the water effect.


I used vallejo clear water and just poured it where I wanted the water to be. This was allowed to dry over night and where the water effect has shrunken back slightly another layer was used to fill in the gaps.


Static grass has been applied to all the pieces and that is the set nearly completed. The plan is to add some oil washing with some umber and sepia tones to the grass and then apply a dry brush of bleached bone. This will give a little variety to the grass and make it look a little more natural.

Ill post up some pictures of the terrain being used, well once I have my guildball team painted. I’ll also be doing a dust off show case after the event in October. Which will be my current painting project a 100pts ssu halo drop force. I love the dust fluff…

Until next time


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