News, Tournaments and the Work Bench – Bolt Action Volkssturm

It’s been a while since our last blog post and a lot has happened to the club over the last two months.  We have relocated to a bright and airy function room in the Admirals Landing pub in Bridgwater and we held our first X-Wing tournament that was a resounding success for all involved.  Here are some pictures of the Scoundrels and Nerf Herders tournament. Plans are already in motion for our next tournament so keep checking back for updates.



So, I hear you all ask, what else have we been doing?

Well, I’ve started work on a project that has been gathering dust for a while now and that’s re-fighting the defence of Berlin in 1945 using Bolt Action. My dad and I have slowly been gathering figures and bits of terrain for this for about a year and we’ve finally got around to making a start on the monumental challenge of getting it all painted (trust me, a half dead goat paints faster than I do).

The plan is to build up enough men, tanks and terrain to cover the battles at Seelow Heights, Berlin itself and then the Halbe Pocket. We’re actually working on some modified Bolt Action scenarios for the fighting at the moment and it’s proving a lot of fun so far, I’ll post up a full scenario booklet when it’s complete.

To get the ball rolling with the painting I just had to start with my favourite figures of the moment – the Volkssturm.  Essentially these were the wounded and ex-servicemen, children from the Hitler Youth, workers and farmers who took up arms to defend Germany when it became clear that the Soviets were making a serious push against the dwindling German lines. They’re a ragtag bunch of miscreants with panzerfausts and captured weapons and are pretty fragile in Bolt Action, but they really capture the essence of those last few months and the desperate plight of the German people valiantly trying to protect their families from the ravages of the Soviet war machine.

At the moment they are very much a work in progress but as I’m pretty excited about Bolt Action in general at the moment (and the soon to be released Beyond the Gates of Antares), I had to stick up some starting shots of the first few.

Eventually there will be about 30 of these fellows. They are a mix of the Warlord Games Partizans blister and the Last Levy box set. I felt that together these two sets do a pretty good job of conveying the eclectic mix of weapons and equipment that would have been the norm for these units.

So far it’s just base coated colours and a quick wash with a little highlighting here and there. The bases themselves are Warlord Games plastic round bases that can be picked up in packs from their store. They are slightly lipped which means that the metal figures don’t look like they are standing on mounds when you attach them without trimming off the metal cast bases.  This was the first time I have used Vallejo crushed grey pumice mix for texturing and was very impressed with the coverage. Simply brush on the resin and pumice mix and leave it to dry. I think I did 2 coats on each base to build it up to the level of the metal stands. On plastic figures you would easily get away with one coat though.

That’s all for now but stay tuned for more.


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