The Axis Go Urban

Hi all

Today I’m going to show you how I do the basic urban camo on my axis walkers.

I’m going to demonstrate it on the Jagdluther.


I started by taking taking some masking tape and cutting different size triangles out. Then stuck them in a random pattern all over the walker.



At this this point I make sure I have covered any transfers that are already on the walker.

Then I use my airbrush and VALLEJO MODEL AIR – LIGHT GREY.

I give a complete coat of this.imageI now go back to step 1 and cut out different size triangles.

Sticking them on randomly, I overlap a few with the first layer of tape and it ends up like this.



And I once more go back to my airbrush. This time I use VALLEJO MODEL AIR – GERMAN GREY.

I give it a complete coat making sure I cover everything as this is the last coat.



Now now comes the fun part. After it has dried I use tweezers to remove the tape. Your model goes from a flat grey to 3 colour urban camo in seconds.



And as you can see the transfer on the front is intact.



And that is my basic urban camo. I hope this has been helpful.

I will be back with the next part of painting and weathering of my axis soon.



See ya soon






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