Solid Ground Studios – Guildball Terrain – Tutorial Part 1

I got a bit of free time this afternoon so, here goes. As previously reviewed I’m going to show you how im going to get these pieces to a tabletop standard.

As these are resin cast pieces, they need a good scrub to get any release agent from the casting process off the resin. The release agent if left on could cause the paint to not adhere to the surface. To do this I just fill the washing up bowl with some warm water and a few squirts of hand soap. Then I take an old toothbrush and give the surfaces of the resin a good scrub, this will remove the release agent and any small unwanted bits of resin flash. I then rinse the pieces off with cold water and leave to air dry.


Once dry I use milliput to fill all the little air bubbles. For this I use a rubber tipped paint shaper to push the putty into the holes, then wet it to then smooth the putty to shape.


Once the putty has cured I then primed the pieces with vallejo black primer.


For the most part of this tutorial I will be using the dry brush technique. I will be using a mixture of citadel, vallejo and P3 paints, along with winsor Newton oils.

VMA = Vallejo Model Air, VMC = Vallejo Model Colour, VGC = Vallejo Game Colour

I start with the stone. First a heavy dry brush of bastion grey (P3) followed by a dry crush of a 50/50 mix of trollblood highlight and menoth white highlight (P3). I follow this up with a dry brush of pure menoth White highlight just on the edges to give a really weathered look to the stone.


Next I made a start on the flat earth shelves. A heavy dry brush of terra earth (VMA), followed by a dry brush of khaki (VMA) around the outsides of the shapes, followed by a drybrush of bonewhite (VGC). After this I went for the earth, a base drybrush of thornwood green (p3), followed by a drybrush of dark earth (VMA) and then a very selective drybrush of the bonewhite on the upper most high spots.


The wooden blanks were the re primed with vallejo grey primer, then the planks were painted with Flat earth and Japanese uniform, (VMC).


So in part two I will continue with the wood planks, varnish, do a bit of weathering before adding static grass and some water effects.

Until next time….


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