Solid Ground Studios Pitch Terrain – Product review

As Guildball has started to become played quite frequently at the club, myself owning three teams, I started to look around for something that would add a bit of visual interest to the green grass pitches currently being played on. My first thoughts were of town square water fountains, cemetery pieces, maybe even a few market stalls. Whilst these would look fantastic in terms of the rules, they wouldn’t be adding that much to the game.

On my travels around Google I stumbled upon

They have a set of terrain pieces designed for medieval football pitches. They have several sets, but I have chosen to just pick up the starter set, to check it out before perhaps buying a few more pieces. This cost £10+p&p I will also comment here that the delivery was quick and the items very well packaged.


So the starter set contains three rough grounds, a slippery patch and a rock. Enough to dress and add variety to any pitch. The wooden planks are a nice touch. The pieces are hand cast and as such have a few air bubbles and some silicone from the mould on the surface. This will require filling but is in no way excessive and I would say something that should be expected from this type of product and would be sorted with minimal clean up. In all honesty I’ve had much bigger air holes in forgeworld products.

So the actual castings, I could have made these all from stuff in my hobby box; cork, sand and some mixed filler. But for the cost, ease and time saving of these, I’m more than happy to give them my money.

I’d certainly recommend these to any guildball player for their collection.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be showing off how I painted these up to a table top standard.


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