Dash-ed at the last!

Hi and welcome to our first X wing battle report. We hope to bring you many more of these as and when they happen. This particular battle was between Rebels (Matt) vs Imperials (Adam), both running a 100pts list. Our asteroids were provided by another member of the IGC and look excellent on the board.

Matt’s List – (Rebels)

Dash Rendar, PTL, Proton Rockets, HLC, Engine Upgrade, Kyle Katarn and Outrider Title – 61pts

Ten Numb, Veteran Instincts, Mangler Cannon, Advanced Sensors – 39pts

Why I chose this list

In a nutshell I have been running a 3 ship list for a while with no avail in any of the tournaments I have entered. I thought it was about time I tried out a 2 ship list and I was excited about the Ten Numb and Mangler cannon combination. I have flown Super Dash a few times but always used him too offensively and got shot down in flames. I was hoping this time he could survive to the end.

Adam’s List – (Imperials)

Darth Vader, Cluster Missiles – 33pts

Obsidian Pilot – 13pts

Night Beast – 15pts

Whisper, Advanced Sensors and Advanced Cloaking Device – 39pts

Why I chose this list

I’m relatively new to X wing, having only played a few games as Rebels up until now. I had the Phantom for Christmas and needed an excuse to put it on the table so decided to run an Imperial list for this game. Everybody raves about Echo so I purposefully took Whisper to try him out instead and see what his skills are like. I also wanted Vader because he’s iconic and the best pilot for the Tie Advanced. With his extra action it meant he should be pretty handy in a fight and as I love cluster missiles they seemed like an obvious pairing, being able to target lock and focus to maximise their damage. From there I had to fill out my list with fighters I had remaining. The option was a Lambda or 2 Tie Fighters. In the end I opted for Night Beast and an Obsidian Pilot. This was very much going to be an introduction into the capabilities of the Imperial side and my first game against Matt.

Deployment – Rebel End


Due to only having two ships I decided to place Dash Rendar in the middle so I could use the asteroids as cover and Ten Numb in line for a head to head with Whisper.

Deployment – Imperial End


Night Beast, Vader and an Obsidian pilot far out on the right flank with Whisper waiting left of centre. My initial plan was to push the 2 Tie Fighters and Vader up the side and get behind the Rebels as fast as possible. I placed Whisper on his own, aiming to pummel Ten Numb into oblivion once I caught up.

Rebel Turn 1


As per usual Turn 1 is more about movement then anything happening in the combat phase. Dash moved 2 straight then boosted and focused by using PTL. This allowed me to be in a central position for next turn and just out of range of the approaching Imperial ships. Ten Numb moved 3 straight in order to bring him into the battle as soon as possible and unleash the mangler cannon.

Imperial Turn 1


All the Imperials pushed forward and evaded with Vader hanging back slightly as I wasn’t sure what Dash would do. I finished by activating the cloak on Whisper. That should keep him safe for a while.

Rebel Turn 2


Dash Rendar began his movement by a 1 forward green thus clearing his stress and using Kyle Katarn to give him a focus token. He boosted to bring himself into range and then barrel rolled to keep his distance thanks to the Outrider ability. This again used the PTL to give him a stress. Ten Numb continued his hunting of Whisper and target locked him.

During the combat phase Ten Numb with PS10 shot first and used one of my favourite combinations atm of Mangler cannon and Ten Numb’s special ability. So even with a cloaked Whisper and 4 evade dice the critical hit went straight through and took a shield. Dash then used his HLC and fired 4 hits at the Obsidian for the plucky Imperial ship to roll 3 evade dice out of 3; causing him to only lose 1 shield.

Imperial Turn 2


Things were hotting up so I zipped Whisper through the asteroid field ready to unleash on Ten Numb but didn’t decloak, instead choosing to evade and pray that I could weather the shooting this turn ready to unleash a decisive blow in the next. Both Tie Fighters pulled a 3 curve to get behind Dash whilst Vader barrel rolled out of his way and evaded.

Unfortunately that mangler cannon forced through a shot and tore a shield from Whisper. I wasn’t overly concerned at this point but recognised the threat the cannon posed to my plans. My Obsidian pilot showed his mettle and pulled off some legendary evasive manoeuvres this turn. I wasn’t expecting that.

Rebel Turn 3

Dash began by banking 1, gaining a focus, then boosted a 1 bank and use PTL to barrel roll. This put Dash in a position where he wasn’t able to shoot but was safe from Vader for now. Ten Numb continued to pursue Whisper even though he was cloaked and shot Whisper with the mangler cannon combination. This again took another shield and left Whisper down to hull.

Imperial Turn 3

I sent the Obsidian 4 forwards and decided to evade with him again. If I could hold out for one more turn then I should be ready to turn the tables on Matt. Night Beast took a more leisurely route through the asteroids towards the centre and Ten Numb’s flank also evading all the way. Whisper made good use of advanced sensors, barrel rolling before pulling a sharp 3 to the left. He would be doing more of the same next turn or face impacting with an asteroid. Getting tired of Dash Rendar, Vader pulled a Koiogran turn followed by a barrel roll and threw in some evasive moves for good measure. That left him stressed but well placed on Dash’s tail. The hunt was on.

Unfortunately Whisper just couldn’t dodge that cannon, losing another shield and 1 hull. 4 evade dice and 0 evades… not good. To make matters worse, Vader fluffed his shooting on Dash and failed to hit his target.

Rebel Turn 4


Decisions had to be made with Whisper on the move so Dash again banked 1 gaining a focus through clearing stress and then barrel rolled and completed his actions by Target Locking Night Beast. Ten Numb used AS to barrel roll and then turn a hard left causing stress. Ten Numb turned his attention to Night Beast and using the mangler cannon combination hit him with a critical and got a direct hit. Dash got shot by Vader using cluster missiles which took all 5s shields from Dash – GULP. Dash angered by this let rip with his HLC on Night Beast and destroyed him before he got a chance to return fire.

Imperial Turn 4

Night Beast pulled a slower green forward action this turn gaining a free focus token and also evading in case of return fire. The lucky Obsidian pilot couldn’t follow him in on the attack run, choosing to evade as he didn’t quite have the necessary angle after flying out past the asteroids. Whisper decloaked which allowed him to barrel roll and miss the asteroid that was causing him problems. He finished by recloaking – it had done little for him so far so I hoped it would come in handy this turn. Vader finished up my movement by sticking with Dash and target locking him ready for a payload of missiles.

In my shooting step I unleashed cluster missiles on Dash, stripping all 5 shields from the larger ship. Now this was more like it!

Ten Numb badly damaged Night Beast, who criticalled for another 2 damage. I only managed to keep him in the fight by spending the evade token to save the final damage point. To make things worse Dash turned his ship’s turret on him and finished him off right before his chance to shoot at Ten Numb. Things just went from bad to worse this round.

Rebel Turn 5


Dash continued to clear his stress and gain a focus token by going 1 forward and then barrel rolling backward to stop himself from flying off the board in the next turn. Ten Numb being in between two targets flew 1 straight to clear the stress from previous turn. This left Ten Numb with no target this turn but left the still cloaked Whisper worth a shot with Dash. He fired the HLC at Whisper and managed to get a shot through and killed Whisper without him firing a shot.

Imperial Turn 5

So I took stock this turn; I’d lost Night Beast and Whisper was quickly becoming a fireball as well. With little to do except try and put some distance between Whisper and Dash I moved him as fast as possible away whilsh recloaking. With Vader still blasting away at Dash there was hope of me pulling this back so I kept him in my sights with a target lock, only advancing forward 2. The Obsidian pilot finally pulled a hard left 3, evaded and looked ready to make an attack next turn.

Vader took a shot at Dash but missed. Then disaster struck. Unable to jink and his cloaking device failing, Whisper was engulfed in flames as Dash opened up on him. That was my second ship out of the game and I’d barely scratched the Rebels so far. My lack of experience was clearly showing by now.

Rebel Turn 6


The most exciting round of the game by far – Dash couldn’t clear his stress so did 1 turn and was unable to do any actions – what an impact this was going to have! Ten Numb used AS to TL the Obsidian ship and performed a 2 Koiogran Turn. Ten Numb used his mangler cannon combination yet again to take a critical hit on the Obsidian pilot but evaded the rest. Dash then took his first beating from Vader by dishing out a critical hit and a normal hit leaving Dash with an agility of 1. Dash returned fire with the HLC but sadly only took 1 shield from Darth Vader. Then the Obsidian pilot rolled 3 hits and all Dash needed to do was to roll 1 evade to stay alive. Dash rolled a focus which I didn’t have and he was wiped from the board.

Imperial Turn 6

Well what a final turn that was. The Obsidian pilot had helped the Imperials save face with the final shot of the game thanks to Vader’s lucky critical shot in the same round.


After tallying up the points it was a narrow victory to the Imperial side. Both players agreed that it was a very action packed game with lots of seat of your pants flying manoeuvres and some daredevil shooting.

Matt’s Summary and what I learned.

I have to say this will probably be the last time I use Dash, I have always thought 2 evade dice would be better than on the Falcon but being able to get guaranteed evades is priceless in the long term. Dash can be too easy to hunt down and also quite predictable with regards to movement. Having to clear the stress each time left me a narrow range of options. However I could of flown him better but I just feel he is not for me. Ten Numb on the other hand was excellent for me. He dished out the criticals all game and left the Imperial fleet limping around the board. He is a real danger and great against highly agile ships. He is prone to swarming and lack of maneuverability but all in all he does what a B wing should do.

Don’t forget to check back soon for more battle reports and gaming advice.

Matt and Adam @IGC

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