Rogue Trooper, The Downfall.

Let me take you back through the mists of the time vortex to 1986, December to be precise. The start of my Downfall. Times were different. The internet wasn’t, personal computers were few and far between, and we had to make our own entertainment. And very ropey some of it was! Here’s the Christmas Number 1 from that year.

At least we now had four channels on the TV! So to escape this tedium I hopped on my trusty Kwak Z400 and rode into town in search of diversion. Now what you have to bear in mind here is millenia ago when all this happened, White Dwarf magazine used to feature stuff other than Games workshop product! I know it’s a huge stretch of your fragile young minds, but please try. So in a previous existence I had played Dungeons and Dragons, and I will tell you all about that another time, if body and soul keep together long enough. White Dwarf magazine was the place to go for new material, adventures, etc. and I had recently picked up the latest copy from the local vendor. Remember no internet, so I had to walk into a shop and exchange money with a person to get paper based reading material about my hobbies. I can’t remember the exact issue, and I would still have it if I hadn’t passed it onto some whippersnapper to inspire (ensnare) them. I can remember what was in it though! Space Marines, lovely, shiny Space Marines. With….. JET BIKES!! So on my foray into town to find entertainment, alcohol and/or women, I also popped into Games Workshop the shop(tm). And this happened

It’s only now, thirty years later, that I can start to make sense of what happened next.

—NEXT TIME— Jet Bikes, 300″ movement, Carpet war, Robots and Red Dwarf.

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One Response to Rogue Trooper, The Downfall.

  1. Adam@IGC says:

    Ah the good old days.


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