Mig jimenez Crystal Color Clear Review / Dust SSU KV47 Walker

Welcome Strangers, going to do two things at once here; review the Ammo Mig crystal clear Color paint, and do a quick tutorial using it on some Dust studios KV47 SSU walker.


So this is the Crystal Glass paint. Costs £1.65 direct from ammo mig. Comes in my paint pot of choice the standard dropper bottle. When shaken it feels as if a plastic ball bearing is inside bouncing round mixing the paint, which I really like.

The instructions for using the paint are to paint it over a silver coat and leave to dry for a couple of hours. So that’s what I’ll be doing.

Onto the sexy bit. Four KV47 SSU walkers from dust studios. Koshka’s Wolfpack.


So first as per the instructions a layer of silver paint was applied to the lenses on all four walkers. I used vallejo steel.

image So now I put a few drops of the crystal Color paint onto my wet pallette. It’s quite thin and runs on the pallette without thining. In colour it just looks like a gloss varnish. I apply one coat of the paint to all of the walkers and wait.


To describe the effect all I can say to it after two hours is, gloss paint with a slight blue tint at certain angles. You could probably replicate it by adding a brush tip of blue ink to some gloss varnish, but it is a nice effect.

I’m thinking next time to pop the clear plastics off the model and then paint the silver behind where the clear plastic will sit. Then use the crystal paint on the clear plastic. See if I get a better effect.

So up next will be a tutorial on my SSU steel guard. These will be heavily weathered to reflect them foot slogging across the battle fields of Kursk. So until next time…


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