Unboxing Patrol Angis

Hi guys,  it’s Adam here and today I’m going to be unboxing the Patrol Angis starter set.

In case you were wondering, Patrol Angis is a new 15mm sci-fi skirmish wargame created by the cool people at www.theionage.com.

I first stumbled across Patrol Angis purely by accident.  I was looking for a particular style of sci-fi artwork similar to the old Rogue Trader and 2nd edition Warhammer 40k art and whilst surfing through a sea of pictures I came across a drawing from the new rulebook and decided to do some investigating.  What I found turned my nostalgia dial up to 11!

In Patrol Angis you take on the role of either the Prydian Army or the Marcher Barons.  The Prydian troops are on a campaign to reclaim worlds lost during their civil war.  Defending their territories from the Prydians are the Marcher Barons; fiefdoms who have claimed independence and who now find themselves at the mercy of the ever expanding Prydian space.  As a Baron you can play in the employ of the Canlasters or Yordists or any of the other dozen smaller Marcher Barons and their Conda mercenaries.  There will also be further factions added in future supplements – something to look forward to.


The art reminds me very much of the old Rogue Trader rulebook from the 80’s, never a bad thing for an old grumbler like myself.


I was lucky enough to find Ion Age when the pre-orders for the new Patrol Angis set were up on the website at a discounted price.  In their own words “This is low intensity warfare title where troops mainly on foot, root each other out over small objectives. It’s not massive, not often glamorous, but it’s pure adventure, it’s the stuff of heroes and it’s skirmishing at its best! Easy to get into and to build upon. It’s the starting point for your wargaming in The Ion Age!” How could I refuse?

A couple of weeks later and my order arrived safely and tidily packed in a sturdy cardboard box.  Forgoing my usual frenzied tearing and slashing at parcel tape, I decided to savour the moment and open it like a normal human being (well as normal as I can get).


As you can see the 64 page A5 rulebook is at the bottom of the box with some coloured A5 leaflets advertising other products on top.  This helped protect the paperback book from any sharp or pointy models that could damage the cover.  In my opinion there’s nothing more annoying than buying a new book and having the corners bashed and the cover scarred when it arrives – thankfully, the Ion Age crew are smart and cushioned the book. On top of the book and leaflets were a selection of zip-lock bags wrapped in bubblewrap.  Each of these contained a different unit or pack of bases as well as the free figure.

Free figure?

That’s right.  Gavin and Sam at Ion Age give away a free figure with every order placed through the website.  The miniatures are swapped each month and they are always limited editions so you won’t get copies of figures from other packs you may have.  How cool is that?


The book itself is tightly bound and should stand up to most gaming wear and tear. The benefit of A5 rulebooks can never be stressed enough.  It’s far easier to flick through, store and carry a smaller book and the Patrol Angis rules are a pleasure to read. Here’s to hoping that they keep the A5 size and style in future publications.


The pages inside are plain black and white, but the back cover displays some painted examples of the miniatures themselves. I just hope I can do them justice with my average painting skills.

Speaking of miniatures, the casting on these has been perfect on every one I have inspected so far. There is little flash and the mold lines are kept to a minimum.  I have one squad assembled and they took very little time to get that way. In fact I think I spent longer tidying up the bases, which did have a little flash around the edges.


Here are the contents of the Patrol Angis starter.  It contains enough figures for two platoons (one per player) and judging by the rules I have read so far, this is enough to play a small skirmish. With a couple more squads each you would have a large force for an afternoon’s gaming.  If I have one gripe it’s that the bags themselves did not list the contents. Considering this was only the starter box it wasn’t that big a deal as there are only limited figures inside, but if it had been a larger order with lots of troop packs then it would have made identifying the contents that little bit easier. Something like a small sticky label with the name of the unit on it would have been sufficient.


Some painted examples of the two platoons as shown on the website.


If you haven’t checked out The Ion Age website yet then I suggest you give it a look as soon as possible.  As well as 15mm the company also supplies 28mm figures and whilst the classic old school look might not be to everybody’s tastes, if you are a fan then this is the place to stock up on all your retro minis. I’m a big supporter of this company – not only are the 15mm miniatures characterful, but the people themselves are very friendly as well.  I had a query about my order and it was only a few hours before a reply dropped into my inbox. It’s nice to see some smaller companies getting the recognition they deserve and I would recommend The Ion Age as one of the best companies I have had the pleasure to deal with recently.

In part 2 I will review the rules themselves and hopefully get some of my own painted figures out to display, so stay tuned for the next update.


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2 Responses to Unboxing Patrol Angis

  1. Excellent review Adam. Makes me want to play it right now

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  2. tony says:

    The guys at AA/Ion Age know how to pack a quart into a pint pot.


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